Curriculum & Instructional Design

SEEO offers Personalized Learning, Standard-based Instruction, Career and Technical Opportunities, Materials and Technology, Course Transferability, and College Entrance Requirements
"...students perform best when they can focus on a few classes at a time, receive more personalized attention, and/or have teachers that are able to be more responsive to their individual needs. (Dr. James Catterall - University of California at Los Angeles)

Knowing this, SEEO works to provide an academically rigorous, independent studies program that allows for:


  • Personalized learning through individualized learning plans (ILPs) and mentoring
  • Tailored academic work to the level and pace needed for each student
  • One-on-One instruction and small group instruction
  • SEEO utilizes the District resources and staff to ensure that the specific implementation of curriculum and instructional strategies are rigorous (as set by District standards).  The curriculum and instructional program focuses on providing students with core academic skills based upon the California state content standards.



  • SEEO believes that all students, especially those at-risk, need to be engaged in interesting and challenging learning that goes beyond basic proficiencies and focuses on mastery of state content standards.

SEEO teachers develop curriculum-based lesson plans alongside district-approved textbooks. In addition, SEEO students access content online via APEX Online Learning and Odysseyware.